Meet Bentham IMF

Bentham IMF is a litigation finance company providing funding to plaintiffs for large legal disputes in the United States and abroad. Bentham is the U.S. arm of Bentham IMF Limited, the oldest and most experienced commercial litigation funder in the world.
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Bentham Experience

We have a highly experienced litigation finance team which has financed more cases to completion than all of our competitors combined. With Bentham IMF Limited we enjoy a 95% success rate, with our investment capital having tripled on average since 2001. The cases we've funded have recovered over $1.4 billion.
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Financials & Track Record

Bentham IMF Limited's public company status provides transparency about our strong financial position and successful track record.
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Bentham IMF’s Ralph Sutton with Lee Pacchia
Bentham IMF’s Ralph Sutton speaks with The Business of Law on how litigation finance improves access to justice. 
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  • Bentham IMF Code of Best Practices

    Developed by Bentham IMF, the Code may also provide other commercial litigation funders with a suitable model to adopt or tailor to their own purposes
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  • Bentham IMF Litigation Funding Roundtable: Key Issues and Best Practices

    A report from the first of a series of roundtables for leading academics and practitioners to discuss key issues.
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