Meet Bentham

Bentham is a litigation finance company providing funding to plaintiffs and law firms for large legal disputes in the United States and for international arbitration. Bentham is the U.S. arm of IMF Bentham Limited, the oldest and most experienced commercial litigation funder in the world.
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Bentham Experience

We have a highly experienced litigation finance team which has financed more cases to completion than all of our competitors combined. Together with our parent company IMF Bentham Limited, we enjoy a 90% success rate. The cases we've funded have recovered over AUD $2 billion.
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Financials & Track Record

IMF Bentham Limited's public company status provides transparency about our strong financial position and successful track record. Fully audited regular financials are available to the public.

Advisory Panel

We have a group of renowned trial lawyers and legal experts who provide strategic support to Bentham. Meet the Panel and read more about their backgrounds.
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We have assisted over 130,000 clients, from the largest investment funds to small businesses and individuals.

$419 million

Financial Strength

We have invested around AUD $419 million in cases concluded and ongoing. We have the financial muscle to pursue your claim to the best possible conclusion.

$2 billion

Total Recoveries

In our 16 years as an ASX listed company, we have successfully recovered AUD $2 billion, out of which we have returned over AUD $1.2 billion to our clients. Our track record is second to none.

$3.2 billion

Current Portfolio

Our cases under management, big and small, have a total claim size in excess of AUD $3.2 billion, across a range of disciplines and jurisdictions.