Law Firm Funding

Bentham IMF's funding is available for law firms seeking to monetize portfolios of litigation claims focused solely on plaintiffs matters, or portfolios containing a combination of plaintiff and defense-side cases.

Typical Uses

  • Sharing risk with clients

  • Increasing revenues with measured risk

  • Offering flexible fee arrangements and competitive prices to clients

  • Smoothing cash flows throughout contingency cases

  • Executing on firm growth strategies


  • Non-recourse - if you lose the cases, you owe us nothing

  • Available for diverse portfolios of cases

  • Offsets fixed costs while allowing for contingency fee recoveries

  • Flexible pricing models

  • Hedges risk



  • Portfolios must include 3+ plaintiff-side cases.

  • Funding requested must exceed $2,000,000.

  • Defendants in the plaintiff-side cases must have a clear ability to pay. (Enforcement services available from our team).

  • The cases must have strong prospects of success.

If you have a portfolio of cases that meets our criteria please contact us.



Bentham IMF's non-recourse portfolio funding helps law firms mitigate risk and grow their business by enabling firms to extend flexible fee arrangements to clients.

Our portfolio financing is especially favored by firms seeking to offer contingency fee arrangements while using our financing to cover a portion of the amount they would earn from the portfolio cases if they were handling them on an hourly fee basis (essentially converting a “full” contingency fee matter into a “hybrid” matter). Since our financing is non-recourse, the firms retain the funded amounts even if the portfolio cases ultimately are unsuccessful. This approach allows firms to avail themselves of opportunities to earn more than they would earn in hourly-fee matters, without being overexposed. As demonstrated in our case studies, using funding can position firms to earn higher revenues than they could earn by handling the cases without funding. Bentham's portfolio funding for law firms also provides the added benefit of enabling firms and lawyers to grow their practices by offering non-hourly fee arrangements to a broader spectrum of clients.

How it Works

Bentham invests a portion of the fee budgets in three or more cases being handled by the firm on a contingency. When the firm collects its contingency fees from one or more of the cases, it pays Bentham a multiple of the amount funded, with this return cross-collateralized across the cases.

Visit our Funding page to learn the mechanics of our funding process.