Intellectual Property Funding

Bentham IMF's intellectual property funding helps companies and inventors enforce their rights in high-stakes IP battles involving infringement of trademarks, copyrights and patents and theft of trade secrets. It can be used to pay legal fees and costs – a significant benefit for cases that often involve multiple defendants, substantial discovery and expert expenses, parallel proceedings, complex appeals and years of litigation. For companies competing to stay at the leading edge, using funding to sustain valuable IP claims against infringers helps to drive and reward innovation. Our funding is also available for claimants seeking opportunities to monetize IP portfolios.

Typical Uses

  • Paying legal fees and costs for expensive litigation

  • Monetizing litigation assets for business purposes

  • Obtaining working capital

  • Preserving resources

  • Moving litigation expenses off corporate balance sheets


  • Non-recourse - if you lose your dispute, you owe us nothing

  • Aligns incentives between claimants, law firms and funder

  • Available at any stage of litigation and in most jurisdictions.

  • Flexible pricing models

  • Hedges risk



  • Funding requested must exceed $1,000,000.

  • Anticipated award must exceed $10,000,000 (exclusive of punitive damages). Anticipated patent judgments should be at least $20,000,000.

  • Defendant must have a clear ability to pay. (Enforcement services available from our team).

  • The litigation must have strong prospects of success.

  • Patents with a successful history of commercialization, licensing and/or litigation are preferred.

If you have a case that meets our criteria please contact us.


How it Works

Visit our Funding page to learn the benefits of our funding and how the process works. 

Review our litigation finance case studies for demonstrative examples, including information about how companies use litigation funding to convert IP divestment strategies into IP assertion strategies.