Bentham IMF's international arbitration funding is available for matters arising before any arbitral tribunal. It can be used to cover legal fees for a single arbitration or portfolios containing multiple arbitration matters or a mix of commercial litigation and arbitration matters.

Additional information about Bentham’s international arbitration funding is below. To learn about our funding solutions for domestic arbitration, click here.

Typical Uses

  • Paying legal fees and costs for expensive arbitration matters and investment treaty disputes

  • Paying adverse costs and security for costs

  • Monetizing arbitration assets for business purposes

  • Obtaining working capital

  • Preserving resources

  • Removing the cost of arbitration from the income statement

  • Enforcing arbitration awards

  • Award execution/monetization


  • Non-recourse - if you lose your dispute, you owe us nothing

  • Aligns incentives between claimants, law firms and funder

  • Available at any stage of arbitration and before any arbitral tribunal

  • Flexible pricing models

  • Hedges risk



  • Funding requested must exceed $1,000,000.

  • Anticipated award must exceed $10,000,000.

  • Respondent must have a clear ability to pay. (Enforcement services available from our team).

  • The arbitration must have strong prospects of success.

If you have an arbitration matter that meets our criteria please contact us.


How it Works

Visit our Funding page to learn the benefits of our funding and how the process works. Review our litigation finance case studies for demonstrative examples.