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Press Release. October 27, 2016

Vaughn R. Walker, former United States District Judge for the Northern District of California and John Sulan, former justice in the South Australia Supreme Court, will help the company vet opportunities to fund commercial litigation and arbitration matters for clients in jurisdictions including the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Press Release. October 18, 2016

In the past three years, Bentham has entered into five funding transactions with whistleblowers and their counsel in cases exposing fraud committed against the government. Bentham now announces a new initiative to arm whistleblowers with the resources they need to successfully pursue these claims.
Press Release. August 24, 2016

In this Market Briefing interview, Andrew Saker, IMF Bentham’s CEO, gives an update on the company’s FY2016 result and growth outlook.
Press Release. August 15, 2016

Bentham IMF expands its west coast presence, hiring John Harabedian as Legal Counsel.
Press Release. June 22, 2016

Bentham IMF has created a new product designed to address two critical – but often opposing – law firm business objectives: boost the bottom line while meeting client demand for more service at lower costs.
Press Release. May 13, 2016

Bentham commits $300,000 to fund research leading to greater access to US civil justice system
Press Release. February 8, 2016

Starting the new year with brisk momentum, leading commercial litigation funder Bentham IMF reports strong recent results in its US investment portfolio, the launch of a Canadian office and the hiring of its first Chief Marketing Officer.
Press Release. November 16, 2015

In the past year, the firm has committed $30 million in funding over 60 cases handled by seven law firms in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, New Jersey and London; matters include cases in insurance coverage, intellectual property, commercial disputes, whistleblower claims and art repatriation.
October 21, 2014

Bentham IMF joined with Burford Capital and Gerchen Keller in writing a letter to the Advisory Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure regarding an amendment to Federal Rule of Procedure 26. The letter, dated October 21, 2014 explains why the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform's proposed amendment to "require disclosure of third-party investments in litigation" is unnecessary, untimely, and contrary to the purpose of Rule 26.
August 2014

Investor Presentation.
August 2014

Appendix 4E and Annual Report to Shareholders.
Press Release. June 12, 2014

New York Business Journal: People on the Move (Jim Batson).
Press Release. June, 2012

Global Leader in Litigation Funding Enters The World’s Most Active Legal Market.