Classic David v. Goliath

One of the basic tenets of commercial litigation funding is to assist with access to justice. Litigation funding levels the playing field where an individual claimant has a strong case against a large corporate defendant, enabling the claimant to fight “scorched earth” litigation tactics and placing the focus instead on the merits of the case.


This whistleblower case against multiple players in the health care industry is a good example of how litigation funding can provide capital to an individual to assist with personal and business needs during protracted litigation.

Aiding a Small Operating Company in a Large IP Case

Bentham levels the litigation battlefield by providing alternative litigation finance to the claimant.

Business Dispute

This business dispute involving breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets claims was brought to Bentham at a relatively mature stage; the claimant sought funding to pay for legal expenses through trial.

Law Firm Financing

Commercial litigation funding can be used as a tool by law firms to manage their cash flow, increase their caseload, and reduce their risk.