Benefits of Funding with Bentham IMF

Litigation Funding is a mechanism to enable meritorious claims to proceed, and a way to mitigate a client’s risk.

Our funding is non-recourse – if you lose your case, you owe us nothing.

Our funding can help pay your attorneys fees, assisting with the high cost of litigation and enabling you to afford counsel of your choice.

Our funding provides support against opponents seeking to outspend you.

Our funding lets you monetize or "cash out" a portion of your recent judgment, to reduce the risk and stress that it may be reversed or reduced.

Our funding enables law firms with diversified portfolios of cases to cover most or all of their fixed costs and still recover significant contingency fees.

We provide additional analysis of your case - we conduct our own due diligence and we may also confirm our internal analysis with our network of legal experts.

We do not control legal or settlement decisions.

What We Fund

We welcome applications from most jurisdictions. Funding must exceed $1M.

Commercial Funding

Funding of commercial cases allows a client to finance all or a portion of the legal fees and costs of their litigation.

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International Arbitration Funding

Our international arbitration funding can be used to cover legal fees for a single arbitration or portfolios containing multiple arbitration matters or a mix of commercial litigation and arbitration matters.

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Bankruptcy Funding

Our bankruptcy funding presents a host of opportunities for financially strapped companies, creditors, bankruptcy estates and trustees, and their advisors, seeking to maximize the value of litigation claims.

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Law Firm Financing

We fund portfolios of cases for law firms on a non-recourse basis. This helps firms to create or expand a portfolio of diversified cases.

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Appeal Funding

Appeal funding allows a client or lawyer to monetize a portion of a judgement while the appeal is pending.

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Our Three-Step Funding Process

The process of applying for funding is easy with Bentham IMF.


Initial review of case information upon execution of an NDA and term sheet negotiation Read More

In-depth review and discussion of the merits and economics of the case

Execution of the funding agreement, deployment of capital and monitoring of investment through case resolution