About IMF Bentham Limited

IMF Bentham Limited is the largest commercial litigation funder in Australia and the first to be listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:IMF). IMF Bentham Limited has significant expertise in the funding and management of large-scale commercial litigation and in the management of multiparty actions.

The IMF Bentham Limited portfolio consists of claims with a value over $2 billion, and over 150 cases have been funded through to completion. IMF Bentham Limited provides thorough appraisals of prospective cases, offers timely investment decisions with simple and flexible funding terms, and takes a proactive approach to achieving the best possible outcomes.

The IMF Bentham Limited team consists of nearly 30 funding professionals with a range of experience, including lawyers, investigators and IT, as well as administrative support.

IMF Bentham Limited has offices in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Although based in Australia, IMF Bentham Limited actively markets its services in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., South Africa, New Zealand and Asia.

For more information, visit www.imfbenthamltd.com.


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